Introduction – History of Project

Modern Modest Footman Cover-01 This Projects originated from an assignment in a fashion class in college. The goal was to take an accessory, or garment, and modify it. Initially, I chose the collar to serve both and practical, and intellectual, functions. In cooler regions in the United States, especially in urban places like Boston; Manhattan; and Chicago, the wind can be unforgiving and harsh on those who traverse there. In the coldest part of the season, the winds can even cut skin and make scars. The face is the most treasured part of the body for several reason and thus, are taken great care of overall the other components of the body. Scarfs are one option to help shield the face from wind damage, as well as ski masks, wimples, cowls, and face wraps, but no one seems to have used he collar.

With this model, the footman, the main feature is giving the collar the function to work as a wind-breaker and/or face wrap. Its primary function is protection from the winter cold


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