Entry #3

TuesdayMarch 3, 2014


For a while, I felt a little stuck with the research. I looked into the ideas and redesigning them, I don’t know if that is necessary. After speaking to all three mentors, it seems I need to do the logistics, costs, materials, etc. Professor Drake gave me the name of a sculptor in Riedsville named Brad Spencer, who could give me advise on constructing the clay trays. He also mentioned of a red Terra Cota plant that use to be functional. It was called Pomona, and t was by Wendover. I’m not sure how that will help but I’m sure it’ll appear clearer to me later on.  Considering Dr. Reye’s replies, I will look into which edible plants to put in the trays. I also need to talk to him about the permission to build the sculpture on that plot of land. Evidently, I was informed that Development needs to approve of it. Perhaps this will be something between me and Dr. Reyes. The major thing with Professor Carter, is the quantity of quality work. I have to step it up, but how? I originally planned technical drawings, perspective drawings and at least three miniature models of….of course, the miniature models, and do the technical drawings of the trays and the area, duh. ok well along with that, I should make another design packet specifically for setting up an argument for which types of plants to put and the creatures they attract, or repell. Below is a list of tasks (reiterated)


3 3D Models of the sculpture area.


Technical Drawings (in inches and feet) of the full sculpture and its parts.


At least one Perspective drawing, illustration, and digital rendition of each idea.


Design packet, on the plants and animals to attract to the site.


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